Music, Composition and Theory

Rowy van Hest
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This website is the most comprehensive website on composition and music theory in the Netherlands. Only a part has been translated into English. The free downloads have been split into two sections.

English Downloads

Piano album for Children Nicole Melanie: download - pdf 0,11 MB
Bubbles in the Sun, Brave Girl, Soft Dreams, The Cat, et cetera.

Paul Hindemith The Craft of Musical Composition: download - pdf 42 MB
Very interesting, but also very difficult.

12 Celtic Lever Harp Compositions: download - zip 7,6 MB
Early Music, Lady-in-Waiting, Magic Garden, et cetera.

Index of the piano album The Calendar: download - pdf 1,2 MB
More info.

7 Cello Compositions: download - zip 8,9 MB
Chinese Song, Humming Song, Pizzicato, et cetera.

Tchaikovsky Guide to the study of Harmony: download - pdf 6,7 MB
The best and easiest book on harmony from the past.

4 Piano Compositions: download - zip 6,7 MB
Sad Old Witch YouTube, The Bard, French Song and Prelude in E Minor.

Duo-album, 36 compositions, The Good Life: download - zip 0,95 MB
Easy music for cello and violin or clarinet or recorder.

23 Guitar Compositions: download - zip 16 MB
Lullaby, Canto, Blackbird, et cetera. Easy and difficult pieces.

Frederick J. Horwood Elementary Counterpoint: download - pdf 3,1 MB
Based on Fux' Gradus ad Parnassum, shortened and simplified.

Accordion album Film Music: download - pdf 0,40 MB
More info.

7 Flute Compositions: download - zip 8,2 MB
Autumn, Winter, Battle at dawn, et cetera.

18 Recorder Compositions: download - zip 7 MB
Autumn Wind, Winter, Nordic Dance, Chinese Music, et cetera.

Music Graphics: download - zip 1,3 MB
Borders etc. in black and white to embellish your sheet music.

4 Clarinet Compositions: download - zip 3,7 MB
Ship in a Storm, Hear me Play, et cetera.

3 Trombone Compositions Mythical Music: download - zip 4 MB
Ancient Times, Once there were forests, et cetera.

Music score 100 Chord Progressions: download - zip 0,33 MB
More info.

Guitar album Summer: download - zip 0,83 MB
In a classical style. Hard to play.

5 Trumpet Compositions: download - zip 6,4 MB
Legends, Rondeau, Prelude in G minor.

Rowy van Hest Composers Do's and Don'ts: download - pdf 0,05 MB
More info.

7 Violin Compositions: download - zip 15 MB
Evening Song, Fantasia, Christmas, et cetera.

A paper on Chord Types: download - pdf 0,29 MB
More info.

Extra Downloads in Dutch

Cursus Akkoordenleer: download - pdf 2,9 MB
Meer informatie.

Cursus 50 Lessen in Compositie: download - pdf 13,8 MB
Meer informatie.

Cursus 6 Colleges in Compositie: download - pdf 0,43 MB
Meer informatie.

Piano-Album Lente: download - pdf 0,53 MB
Meer informatie.

Cursus Harmonieleer: download - pdf 1,3 MB
Meer informatie.

Cursus Harmonieleer in 14 Dagen: download - zip 4 MB
Meer informatie.

Cursus Instrumentatie: download - pdf 0,95 MB
Meer informatie.