Music, Composition and Theory

Rowy van Hest
Nederlands English

Solo Guitar

Summer - A Free Album for Guitar Solo

12 compositions for solo guitar. This album was inspired by the day trips I made on my bicycle during a long and warm summer. Download (pdf).

You can watch a compilation of the video recordings I made on my trips. The music you hear is "On the Road" from the free guitar album.

Enjoy the music video On the Road and experience the warmth and joy of a wonderful summer in the south of The Netherlands in North-West Europe.

Download (zip) all 12 midis, but please remember that midi sounds mechanical.

Free Guitar Compositions

Lullaby in C Major (mp3), free download (pdf)
Europe (mp3), free download (pdf)
Blackbird - a black stallion (mp3), free download (pdf)
To be continued...