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Download more than 2,000 free scores for solo. Sheet music for solo without accompaniment is rare, but we carry a large selection of short and interesting compositions. Music for solo voice is accompanied, mostly by piano.

NE stands for New Editions. The new editions are based upon old music scores. Most of the scores represent the original version, as written by the composer. Rowy also wrote new arrangements and transcriptions for several musical instruments, like the harp, cello and flute. AE stands for Antique Editions, scans of old music scores.

We encourage you to browse our collection which enables you to view each score by hovering the title which will show a small thumbnail as a preview. Next when you wish for more detail you click the same title which will open a larger preview of the score.

Harp music for solo instruments.
Anonymous - A ToyNE
    - Branle de BourgogneNE
    - Carnival of VeniceNE
    - Carolan s ConcertoNE
    - Fairfaxs MarchNE
    - MinuetNE
    - Muss i dennNE
    - Planxty ConnorNE
Bach - DWK Prelude and Fugue II_15AE
    - DWK Prelude I_12AE
    - DWK Prelude I_15AE
    - DWK Prelude I_20AE
    - DWK Prelude I_21AE
    - DWK Prelude II_24AE
    - DWK Prelude II_6AE
    - DWK Prelude II_7AE
    - SicilianoAE
Bach JCF - Schwabische TanzNE
Brahms - Cradle SongNE
Duncombe - Trumpet MenuetNE
Kirchner - Altes VolksliedNE
Mozart_Rowy - Waltz in F MajorNE
Muller - AllegrettoNE
Pachelbel - MenuettNE
Rowy - A beautiful dayNE
    - Magic GardenNE
    - The Royal PicnicNE
Schubert - LandlerNE
    - Waltz Op 33 No 2NE
Telemann - GaymentNE